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220 James E Casey Dr.
Buffalo, New York 14206
United States
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Brent Feuz
Marketing Manager

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Buffalo Games is a puzzle and game manufacturer that launched the Chuckle & Roar kids’ brand exclusively at Target in 2019. Chuckle & Roar is expanding in 2020 with a brand-new line of over 23 modern preschool classics including an update to the popular Pop It game, puzzles, toys, and more! Buffalo Games is releasing fun new games in partnership with BuzzFeed, Saturday Night Live, The Price Is Right’s Plinko, NASA, Star Wars, and more in 2020 and continues to release new puzzle images weekly!

News Releases
Jul 16, 2020

(Buffalo, New York) – Buffalo Games, LLC and Buzzfeed have teamed up to release a new line of party games! Each game has a different take on the BuzzFeed content that the internet has come to...

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