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Exploding Kittens is a leading game and entertainment company with a mission to inspire people to connect, laugh, and play fun games. The company was founded in 2015 by Elan Lee and Matt Inman (also known as The Oatmeal).

Their newest game, A Game of Cat and Mouth, is a fiercely competitive, magnet-powered, pinball’ish game. In the heat of intense ball flinging, players must hurl colorful balls through the cat’s mouth onto their opponents’ side. The game marks Exploding Kittens first non-traditional card game. Compatible with both adults and kids 7 and up. Exclusively available at Target for $24.99.

News Releases
Oct 1, 2020

LOS ANGELES – October 1, 2020 –​ ​Exploding Kittens, the hit tabletop game creator, today announced its latest product, ​A Game of Cat & Mouth,​ a fiercely competitive, magnet-powered,...

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