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The original Head Poppin’ Racers, crash ‘em and their heads pop off.

(July 19, 2019) -- Anaheim, CA -- SD Toyz, a family owned and operated company that specializes in creating smart & distinctive toys, is excited to announce that their new line of Knuckle-Headz Head Poppin’ Racers are available at specialty toy stores, and major retailers across the country.

This innovative new vehicle line combines Smash-up Derby™ with Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots® for a unique new vehicle play pattern.  Fueled by a powerful pull-back motor, Knuckle-Headz™ simulate medieval jousting with a few modern twists. 

Stephen Koehl, President of SD Toyz, said, “The positive response we’ve been receiving about this fun new line has been through the roof. Kids are loving the Knuckle-Headz™ and we are thrilled that they are now available at retailers across the country.”

Six exciting collectible characters face off in a battle to see which can keep its head - literally.  Define the battlefield, aim your vehicle at your opponent’s, pull back for maximum momentum, and let ‘em zoom toward each other.  Direct hits result in the loser’s head popping off about 12 inches.  Reset your spring-loaded character heads and face off again.  Ages 3+, MSRP $12.99.

  • 6 different characters available, including: Finn the Shark, Rex the Dinosaur, Snarl the Wolf, Fang the Saber Tooth Tiger, Stubs the Bull Dog, and Francis the Gorilla.
  • Each vehicle includes a high-powered pull-back motor which zooms more than 30 feet.
  • Made of durable plastic and other high-quality materials for endless head poppin’ fun.
  • The perfect toy to engage kids 3-years and up, in immersive fun that promotes Object, Creative, and Social Play Patterns.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots is a registered trademark of Mattel Inc. and Smash-up Derby is a trademark of Retrobrands USA LLC


About SD Toyz

SD Toyz has been manufacturing in Southern California since 1987.  High-quality toys and craft kits designed to engage children and challenge their imaginations. Unique twists on classic toys and exciting packaging.  We have built upon established licenses such as Smithsonian, Ford, and General Motors to enhance our own educational and racing brands.  Education and entertainment are Skullduggery’s chief product design motivations.

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