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 Adventerra Games, a family-owned company based in Switzerland, publishes engaging puzzles and games that help kids learn to conserve natural resources and save the planet. While playing our simple and enjoyable games, players intuitively learn new behaviors that reduce their ecological footprints. When these behaviors become lifetime habits, players become super-heroes for the planet!

News Releases
Jun 13, 2021

Boston, MA (June 13, 2021) – Most three-year-olds have a mental to-do list of eat, nap, play, potty, then repeat. Saving the planet can now be added thanks to Adventerra Games. With their roll...

Mar 30, 2021

Boston, MA -- Ever hear of sugar cane shrink wrap? It’s one of the many steps Adventerra Games uses to lead by example as a global eco-friendly company. With Earth Day 2021 arriving on the April...

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