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Earth Day Is The Perfect Time To Teach Young Citizens To Be Eco-Friendly Via Edutaining Games Using Logic, Teamwork, And Visual Memory

Boston, MA -- Ever hear of sugar cane shrink wrap? It’s one of the many steps Adventerra Games uses to lead by example as a global eco-friendly company. With Earth Day 2021 arriving on the April calendar, now is a perfect time to show children as young as toddlers how they can make a positive impact on behalf of the planet. Serious environmental topics like composting, recycling, climate change, endangered animals, and water conservation are introduced in a fun and memorable way. 

Award-winning game titles Animals at Risk! ($14.99) and Polar Adventure: Disappearing Ice ($24.99) encourage youngsters ages two to five to play, learn about, and help save our furry and feathered friends.  Older children ages seven to ten, and beyond, are introduced to complex issues like waste reduction and renewable energy with game titles such as WaterGame ($19.99) and Global Warning ($19.99). Expect some “trash” talk at the dinner table as kids discover words like reuse and recycle. 

Adventerra offers nine game and puzzle titles with a tenth, Eating in Season, on the way! The game maker is determined to introduce families to everyday environmental issues, providing concrete examples of actions they can take to help the planet. Kids will just think it’s fun and games. The takeaway will be a youngster’s desire to live in a pollution-free future where all citizens live in harmony with the planet and its animals. 

While young players gain a respect for the environment, they are also developing math, logic, science, and social skills. Adventerra Games have been used in schools for more than 15 years, proving that each of their illustrated puzzles and games is both rich in educational content and just plain fun!

Plastic free and 100% recyclable materials are what parents will discover with every purchase. The family-owned company opts for environmentally friendly raw materials (both recycled and recyclable), and instead of plastic, uses sustainable wooden pieces and biodegradable film made from sugar cane!   

Look for these nine games (and a preview of a tenth), listed by age, at as a wonderful way to celebrate on Thursday, April 22, the official date of Earth Day 2021.

Animals at Risk! • Ages 2+ • $14.99 
Eagles, elephants, and whales, oh my! In this memory game, children match animals with their babies, and learn about their habitats. This game introduces children to the concept of endangered animals and the importance of protecting them. Helps develop visual memory; knowledge of animals at risk; and mother-baby logical association ability.

Respect the Earth • Ages 2+ • $14.99
A wonderful Happy Earth Day gift, children build 12 mini 2-piece puzzles and quickly discover daily actions they can take to help the Earth. Players match pairs with the help of self-correcting joints and the fun cartoon characters shown. Helps develop visual memory; right-wrong logical association ability; and hand-eye coordination.

Saving Water • Ages 2+ • $14.99
This ecologic puzzle featuring cute sea creatures gets children learning about the importance of water, and how to conserve this precious resource. The 24 pieces feature colored edges and self- correcting joints that help players to match them. Helps develop observation skills; knowledge of marine animals; and logical thinking. 

Hungry Bins: Learn To Recycle • $19.99 • Ages 3+
Hungry Bins is a classification game that introduces children to how to recycle and compost. Children discover different types of materials and learn to recognize the respective color-coded collection bins. Helps develop observation skills; association and classification skills; and visual memory!

Polar Adventure: Disappearing Ice • $24.99 • Ages 4+
This illustrated 3D game introduces children to the problem of climate change and how it endangers the lives of polar animals. After building the polar environment, each player takes turns to roll the die and move their adorable wooden animal forward, aiming to be the first player to lead it to the safety of the big glacier. Helps develop tactical skills; knowledge of the threat to polar fauna; and hand-eye coordination.

WaterGame • $19.99 • Ages 7+
Spend 20 to 40 minutes for this easy-to-play cooperative game for 3 to 4 players. Roll the die, float down the river, and draw “Saving” and “Wasting” cards to learn how to save water in everyday life, as well as “Quiz” cards (based on 4th-grade science standards).

Recycle Rally • $19.99 • Ages 7+
Drive recycling trucks around town and maximize your score by collecting higher-value materials.  But sort carefully! If too many recyclables are left behind, useful stuff is incinerated and the whole town is in trouble.

Recommended for 7+ but rules also feature an advanced game mode for 10+.


PowerHaus • $19.99 • Ages 7+

In less than an hour, this game teaches kids they have real power to fight

climate change! Players live together in an inefficient house that wastes energy and they must make changes to reduce utility bills. As you move through the game, decide which habits to change, and which appliances and home improvements are better for your wallet and the world. 

Global Warning • $19.99 • Ages 10+

Great for teens and college kids, players work together to clean up the earth and slow climate change while the temperature rises with each turn.  Can you and your friends slow it down before “Game Over” happens for you and Planet Earth? Draw and trade cards to find the best solutions to the environmental problems that emerge during the game – but make sure you have enough money to pay for those solutions.  


Coming Soon! Eating in Season • Ages 2+

An original and fun concentration game to learn how to eat healthy by choosing seasonal products. The memory cards feature illustrated backgrounds that show children which season is best for eating a particular food. 



Adventerra Games, a family-owned company based in Switzerland, publishes engaging puzzles and games that help kids learn to conserve natural resources and save the planet. While playing our simple and enjoyable games, players intuitively learn new behaviors that reduce their ecological footprints. When these behaviors become lifetime habits, players become super-heroes for the planet!

For further information: KidStuff Public Relations, Lisa Orman • 608-767-1102,