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STEAM Lab Kits

STEAM is  known by parents and teachers to help kids develop problem solving skills while learning and exploring their love of the sciences. Crayola STEAM Science Kits are not only educational but fun. Each kit is designed to teach kids various science experiments behind three different themes: Liquid, Space and Paper Flowers using water-based experiments.

Product Descriptions

  • LIQUID Science Kit: Kids learn about the wet and wonderful world of water and liquids as they create and conduct water-based experiments.
    • Kit includes 20 different water-based experiments using in the box and common household items
  • SPACE Science Kit: Kids learn about planets, stars, eclipses, meteors and more when they create a colorful and full-scale solar system.
    • 20 ready to go experiments from the box and with common household items
  • PAPER FLOWER Science Kit: Colors bloom before your very eyes! Using the magic of physics and capillary action, this hands-on educational toy lets kids learn about the science of water “wicking” as they create colorful paper flowers. 
    • Flowers can "re-wick" color over and over to change look and design
    • Makes 12 Flowers

Target Audience

  • Children aged 7 years and older 

How to Buy

  • Price: $19.99
  • Available at and retailers nationwide August 2020