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Spread Kindness With Heartley
The Gnome in Your Home: A Tradition of Kindness

New York City, July 2019 – Join Heartley in spreading kindness! The main character in a new children’s book and plush set The Gnome in Your Home - A Tradition of Kindness is making its debut at Sweet Suite, an influencer and press event created by The Toy Insider magazine.

The Gnome in Your Home is a colorfully illustrated, rhyming children's book about a group of gnomes lead by Heartley, who due to their small size and lack of magical skills, question if they can make a difference in the world. The gnomes come to realize that despite their small size they have a valuable gift...a gift for kindness. Based on this discovery, and the understanding that acts of kindness no matter how big or small, can change the world, the gnomes travel to homes to teach children and adults how to start a tradition of kindness. 

To help families (or teachers) get started, the book includes 30 removable acts of kindness cards. Simply have the child choose a kindness card and discuss how you can work together to spread  kindness. Also included is a plush gnome named Heartley, a cozy, cuddly reminder to continue on your kindness journey. 

Targeted for children 3 and up; Suggested retail is $29.95. Available August 2019 on

The idea for this timely illustrated book and plush set was conceived by educator/researcher Susan S. Johnston, Ph.D, who found that the positive impact of giving and receiving acts of kindness, in turn inspires more kindness. And who doesn’t think that’s a good idea!  And that’s not all – Dr. Johnston has two more books scheduled for release in 2020 – The Bee in Your Tree: Protecting the Earth and The Mule in Your School: Learning to Disagree Agreeably.

Dr. Johnston partnered with Redasign Studio, New York City, to bring her books to life and into homes around the world.   

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