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Crayola introduces two new ways to play with your Scribble Scrubbie Pets! These small and colorable pets are easy to color and clean, and kids will love their new life-like environments; a real working mobile grooming truck and a tattoo shop complete with a rotating chair.

Product Descriptions

  • Scribble Scrubbie Pets Grooming Truck: Features a real working spray pump that easily allows kids to wash their pet; just like they would in a real grooming truck. Pets Grooming Truck doubles as a storage solution that’s easy to pack up and store for later use
    • Includes 3 Ultra-Clean Washable Markers, 2 pets, scrub brush, 1 small scrub tub and spray pump
  • Scribble Scrubbie Pets Tattoo Shop: Features a new way for kids to color their adorable little pets - with Ultra-Clean Washable Stamper Markers. Kids can place their pet on the rotating tattoo chair and stamp away. When pets are ready for cleaning, place them in the included tub with water and scrub away. Shop folds to create a convenient storage solution for parents.
    • Includes 2 new pets: Winston the Bulldog and Lola the Chihuahua, 2 Ultra-Clean Washable Stamper Markers, scrub brush and small tub

Target Audience

  • Children aged 3 years and older

How to Buy

  • Grooming Truck: $19.99
  • Tattoo Shop: $14.99
  • Available at and retailers nationwide August 2020