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Love, Diana

What: Far Out Toys will debut, for the first time, their new line of collectible dolls based on the popular YouTube channel, Kids Diana Show at Sweet Suite!  Working with Pocket.Watch, the company will reveal a never-before-seen line of collectible toys for girls under the Love, Diana brand. Kids Diana Show is one of the world’s top YouTube channels and with over 100 million subscribers and 23 billion views it is ranked the 12th largest YouTube channel overall and the 3rd largest for kids.

The Love, Diana collectibles will include a line of 2.5” mini-figurines and accessories called Princess of Play and 3 ½” dolls, accessories, playsets and pets under the Fashion Fabulous umbrella.  The new collectibles will be previewed at Walmart in October 2020 and the full line will be available in January 2021.

Who: Far Out Toys Inc. is a rapidly growing force in the global toy marketplace, with a mission to innovate to the outer reaches. With fully integrated manufacturing, distribution and marketing capabilities, Far Out Toys leverages its expertise and extensive relationships with inventors, IP holders and mass retailers to launch new brands in every toy category - including vehicles, arts & crafts, games, licensed collectibles, electronic toys and fashion dolls. For more information, visit Far Out Toys.

Media Contact: Lisa McKendall
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